Colin Murtagh is a portrait, landscape, and lifestyle photographer based in Denver, Colorado. It seems like people always write these bios in the third person, which seems odd to me so let’s start over. I was born some amount of time ago and moved around a lot when I was young, ending up in Colorado. I went to college here, learned some really important things, and got a degree that I don't use.

When you are a child people always tell you to follow your dreams, but the older you get the more people tell you to be practical and just get a job. For me, work really started getting in the way of me following my dreams. So after a 9-year career in business I decided to leave the corporate world behind and focus on my photography business full time.

My wife and I live with our two boys, Finley and Desmond, in Monument. With two under two, we certainly have our hands full. When I am not out taking pictures, I am probably just getting someone snacks. (if you're a parent you can relate)

I hope you enjoy looking through some of my photos on here. Please give me a call if you would like to discuss the opportunity of working together.

Thank you!